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Is it THAT time of the year again?

Posted in ., Valentine's Day on February 9, 2009 by Skuties

Mel: February 14th is Valentine’s Day for those that were unaware and I thought I would take the time to talk about it in order to give people adequate time to prepare celebrations before Saturday. Traditionally was a day for lovers, but unlike the Brazilian Valentine’s day has been commercialized and expanded to be a day for “love” in general of all kinds, including the except not kind of forced valentines in Grade schools.

Tati: Not to mention that Valentine’s Day in Brazil is on June 12th. For all I know it’s the only country that has a different date. But I don’t know much…All I know is that now I have 2 Valentine’s Days and I’m going to collect. Do you hear me Canada? Good!

Mel: First a short history lesson – we often…no wait seriously the history behind Valentine`s Day is such a fantastic example of human history that I will not begin to bore you but let’s just say it starts with the Catholic church and 2 or 3 of 11 forgotten “St. Valentine’s” none of which people remember and a pagan holiday cover up, mixes in a game of romantic embellishment over the centuries with some mildly famous writers like Chaucer and Shakespeare. Throws in the crazy ideas of Courtly Love (no not Courtney Love – wait suddenly things make so much sense about her) a ton of money & commercialization, the Victorians and the internet. I swear the Wikipedia page will either put you to sleep or freak you out.

Tati: What really matter is that boys get you candy, romance you and them give you more candy, if you know what I mean *wink*. Let’s stop living in the past and start making our own history. I want boycandy! (with pink frost, right Mel?)

Mel: Valentine`s Day aka Singles’ Awareness Day, is normally associated with romantic love, however as most American grade school kids will tell you Valentine`s day is about pink frosted cupcakes, conversation hearts, red hots, chocolate, sugar rushes, “decorated” shoeboxes and “forced” Valentines.

Tati: What else do you need???? Oh yeah the boycandy!

Mel: Most teachers MAKE students give a Valentine to EVERY kid in the class, of course they don’t tell you WHICH Valentine you have to give mind you 😉 However this changes Valentine’s day to be more than just a sugar high as you get older (and an excuse to wear those bright pink hear earrings) but “love” in general – between family members and close friends as well. It also teaches us to associate any and every holiday with a sugar high – at least all the good ones (the very best ones include costumes as well).

Tati: Agreed!

Mel: OF course anti-valentine’s day parties are somewhat popular, but as a girly girl who loves pink, chocolate, roses, thinks that are cute and subversive why would I NOT celebrate all the weird craziness associated with Valentine’s Day? Why wallow when the world needs so much more love in the first place anyway? HOWEVER if you are going to do it, I so do it right – emo and all. However don’t forget to include some despair.

Tati: I think anti-valentine’s day parties are for idiots, did you hear me well idiots of the world? YOU ARE IDIOTS! Mel is right. Stop being an idiot and go have fun, you stupid idiot!

Mel: For those in need of suggestions as to how to celebrate here are a few:

The classic Dinner/Breakfast for two – those in need of aphrodisiac recipes or recipes in general hit up All Recipes Holiday Specials a great source for beginner or advanced cooks as things are rated and other cooks leave comments. Don’t always trust the pictures there though – some people THINK they can take pictures of food, all artistically arranged and all, but it looks like something you’d feed a pig in a bucket. I have already copied the Fig & Toasted Almond Brie and can’t wait to try it out – three of my favorite foods in one delicious little recipe its making my mouth water. If you need some chocolate recipe ideas look to Hersey’s – now if only they delivered.

Tati: YUM YUM I like all foods! I’ve always been clueless about any type of holiday, including Valentine’s Day, even when I am dating. It is all the same to me. All fun and food and boycandy! I’ll try these recipes anyway, any day!

Mel: Try giving Non-traditional (aka not hearts) Chocolate gifts to friends. I particularly like these chocolate skulls – however don’t forget to include the bow on those! Otherwise it won`t be festive!

Although I do not suggest chocolate babies – too freaky

Tati: Wow those are freaky AND cute. I would totally eat that one yawning. CHOMP!

Mel: Your imagination and the internet are the limit; in fact the web is full of crazy people and crazy ideas, not to mention books, poems and history about how to spread the love around. Please however do not interpret this as hugging strangers on the subway or licking people’s hands.

Tati: Yes, don’t do that. If you hug me on the subway or lick my hand I’ll be very upset. Those have to be saved for the second date!

Mel: If all this is still not your cup of tea I offer the Ancient Roman Holiday Lupercalia – to be interpreted as you so desire (its ancient so you can make up your own new traditions) however is apparently about cleansing the city, werewolves and human sacrifice…errr goat sacrifice.

Tati: Mel, only you can dig those things up…

Feel the love auuuuuuuuuuu

Mel: One final thought for those not in with the pink love – this Friday is Friday the 13th.

Tati: JASON, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!! (I’m more of a red love kinda gal)

Mel: Oh and just for you Tati – Valentine`s Day Candy Corn

Tati: Oh my!!! I am CRAZY for candy corn *droll* *droll* *droll* *droll* *faint*