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No Post? Yes Post, kinda…

Posted in Avatar the last Airbender, bad movies, Hitchcock, passport on November 21, 2008 by Skuties

Mel’s rescue update: Word is that she is in friendly territory now. After a long week of negotiations, seems like we finally got her back! She still not talking and she has some problems staying on the light, but we are confident that her trauma from being away from my cookies for so long will go away pretty soon. So guys, hold on to your seats, she is coming back, back from the future!

Meanwhile, up here, without heat (yeah I broke it!), barely moving because of all the clothes, here I am! At the break of dawn, I post nothing useful!

Since today’s post is not important I will rage about someone that should not be important at all, but somehow is. Go figure.

M. Night Shalala, I just wanna be angry because of you! Not because your movies suck, or because of your stupid, predictable twists, or because your movies treat people like they are brainless. No, I don’t care about that, that’s entertainment right? BAH

What really drives me crazy and makes me question the whole meaning of life is: why people still give you money?

Where do these people live? Don’t they have any sort of device to watch your movies? Because it doesn’t take much to decide NOT to give you any money to make movies. I mean, c’mon!

You Mr. Shalala, you are a lucky man with the best timing ever, because that’s all I can think of to justify people giving you money, excellent timing. Either that or you know a lot of crap about the people who are giving money to you.

I am sorry Mr. Shalala, I hate being so negative, but see what you do to me? I’m sure you are a good person. Although, I hope you are not, because I enjoy hating you. I even try watching your movies. Every time you release one, I go and watch it, because I wanna be fair, but in all fairness, you suck! I will give you Sixth Sense, that one was cool and the twist got me. But apparently that was pretty much all you had to give right?

Now what is really depressing, and this I will never, EVER, understand: How come you got chosen to make the Avatar movies? Are those people insane???

I LOVE Avatar, the airbender cutie, and I was super happy about the movies coming out, UNTIL I heard that Shalala would be responsible for them. Then I just gave up hope, why do I even try to believe in humanity? And he will probably play the Fire Lord or something on the movie. How lame is that? I HATE cameos. Except for Hitchcock and maybe Stan Lee. *sigh*

I stole this picture from this place, where you will find another great post about Shalala.

Ah now I’m pissed! I’ll go have breakfast and then go to the consulate, wait for 5 hours in line while some stupid kids scream their lungs out and their stupid moms talk to each other about how their stupid kids are cute. All that to finally get my new stupid passport. Why do these stupid things expire anyway? ARGH

Here, some fun for you guys!