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Star Wars Special Edition?

Posted in Chewbacca, George Lucas, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Wired on November 18, 2008 by Skuties

Mel’s rescue team update: We have located Mel in a galaxy far far away! She doesn’t want to come back home and according to our guards, she is kicking everybody in the nuts! There is still hope that she will come to her senses and come back to us. So let’s not give up just yet… Mel I have cookies, please come back to mama!

Tati: Star Wars fans, I salute you! You are VERY patient, dedicated and probably a lot more intelligent than I am. This weekend I went on a quest to understand why Star Wars is so big. I get it, partially.

I will tell you my story:

Last time I watched Star Wars, I think I was about 14 years old; when they released I don’t even remember which one of them, with 6 hours more and with the sound re-mastered. Or something like that. I’m not even sure If was 14, if it was before or after, it’s just a guess. The one thing I don’t have, is enough brain space to store more than one or two years of memories.

Elvis: Maybe I am the one being grumpy here, but by my calculations you were probably 16 (the rereleases started in 1997) and it wasn’t exactly 6 hours more – that’s barely the time of the three new movies together. I know you are exaggerating, but for the most part the new versions were clean-up with minor changes. Just thought I’d point out.

Tati: So, THIS I remember. I was so bored, I walked out of the movie and let all my friends drooling inside the movie theatre. They told me it was awesome, I didn’t get it, maybe they knew better, who knows?

Elvis: One of the things I had to deal with a lot is trying to get people to give old movies a chance (and no, B-movies don’t count – you watch those because they are corny). Old movies require a slightly different mindset that most people seem somewhat uneasy to accept (Elvis, you know it’s not that at all). Try watching Jaws nowadays – still an EXCELLENT movie, but the pacing and special effects are nothing like what we are used to nowadays. Some people talk about “nostalgia glasses” with Star Wars – that helps too, but mostly I think it was kind of a kids movie when they watched as kids, and as adults they hated the new trilogy because they aren’t kids anymore and didn’t have the magic crystallized yet like the original ones.

Tati: I forgot all about Star Wars and about two years ago, I was dating this guy who told me his ex made him love Star Wars, so imagine how motivated I was to give it a shot huh? I didn’t even let him mention the name of the movie in front of me (I am very good transferring “hates”). And now that my brain space was cleared for future memories I can give Star Wars a chance. And so I did…I tried!

I started from Star Wars IV: A new hope. I too had a new hope, so it begun. It took me two days and about ten naps to watch it. Oh my God you guys! How can you do it? It was stronger than me, I couldn’t stay awake. And I was kinda enjoying the movie, I said kinda.

Let’s be fair: the movies are really amazing considering the time they were made (and still are today), I really respect George Lucas as a creative person, a storyteller and a director. He lives in a whole different level, that only very few really cool people can reach. (Does anyone feel a pretty huge but coming? I DO!) BUT, nope, Star Wars is not for little Tati here, nope!

The only think that made me keep watching it was Chewbacca screaming, because it would wake me up and it is frigging hilarious. The other thing was Indiana Jones. MAN he is hot on Star Wars!

When I was watching it I couldn’t stop thinking “Why the hell Princess Leia kisses that loser brother of hers?” Because let’s face it, Luke is a loser. He pissed me off through the whole movie. But then on Empire Strikes back (I made it through half of the movie then I gave up) I saw that she only kissed him to pisses Indy off.

Elvis: No matter what you say, Tati, girls may be attracted to the “bad boys”, but especially a princess would make a point to agree with the “nicer” guy, even if only for show (But she is a REBEL). You also need to remember that both Leia and Solo are EXTREMELY stubborn, and therefore somewhat at odds with each other until they can figure out their emotions. You know, all of us were pretty aggressive towards guys/girls we liked in high school at some point…

Tati: That’s good because I was starting to hate her too for kissing the ugly idiot guy who only messes with the plot. In 99% of the movies (that I watched) he is crying about something or feeling sorry for himself, or just being stupid and ugly BOHOO. And what’s up with Darth Vader’s accent? He sounds like Schwarzenegger. Made me laugh every time he was on. (which is very good)

I might be totally wrong here. Because I didn’t finish the movie and also, I didn’t watch the last one, I don’t remember anything from the Phantom Menace besides that 3 hours long race. I remember I slept several times during the Attack of the Clones, so I have no idea what that movie is about. I just remember Anakin wasn’t as cute as in the first one. I didn’t try to watch the Revenge of the Sith, so yeah, I have no base whatsoever to talk about Star Wars, but guys, I am really trying.

Elvis: From the new trilogy, my favorite movie is still Phantom Menace, the only one I think still captures the aura of the originals. The second one is a Mexican soap opera, and the third one just tries too hard and lacks soul. But that’s me. What I DON’T like are some people I met in college (I studied cinematography) who would refuse to like Star Wars just because it was commercial. Every one of you: please go fuck yourselves and learn to live life. Incidentally, I have serious issues with City of Angels, which tried to make Wings of Desire into a commercial movie. GO HYPOCRISY!

Tati: If any Star Wars fans have any suggestions to make me like it, I’m open to new ideas. If anybody looks like Indiana Jones on Star Wars please contact me!

I will leave you my children, but not without some fun!

Here are my impressions of the movies in pictures. My favourite moments. I hope you enjoy : )

And here is Chewbacca yelling! Chewbacca rocks!

And here is ME and Chewbacca!

[Just a note, Star Wars is so huge that word just corrected me when I misspelled Chewbacca and Anakin]

Elvis: Also, I let you guys with a cool link. One of the cool things in Star Wars is that the universe is so fleshed out – something any storyteller like me can appreciate (Tolkien, anyone?). This really cool article in Wired talks about what could be anyone’s dream job (or at least a Star Wars’ fan)