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Special Drunk Sunday Post!

Posted in beer on December 7, 2008 by Skuties

We never update this on Sundays but I feel like I have to do it after the spiritual experience I just had!

I was SUPER bored at home, and the Sun was shining, despite of the -9C° outside (Americans, go find an online converter), and I felt bad about not going out. So, I was out! Cutting cold wind and stupid Sun on my eyes (my look didn’t match sunglasses, so I left them at home) let’s see what the day will bring me.

I’m walking down the harbor and trying to figure out if I should walk downtown or just by the lake, feeling guilty I don’t have as many “tourist” pictures as I should (Thanks a lot Christian!). As I turned off my ipod and heard Bon Jovi coming out of somewhere, REALY loud! WHERE IS IT COMING FROM????

I searched around but I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. I knew there was a Dolphins vs Buffalo Game at Roger’s Centre, but the music was not coming from there. WHERE IS IT COMING FROM????

So I keep walking towards Rogers Centre and BANG! The Steam Whistle! Yes folks, Miss Tati lives right by a brewery! God loves me! So as I approached Steam Whistle what do I see?


sorry about the quality, but you can get my point, right?

I mean, Girls. Girls Girls coming out of a place that makes beer is just too good to be true. So as I walked towards it, completely hypnotized , the security guy at the door calls me and say, “over here sweetie!”. C’mon, you don’t mess with the Gods! If they put a brewery playing Mötley Crüe 2 minutes away from your home, the least you can do is get in when a nice and warm security guy tells you to! And of course, I did!

As I got in there (for free beer by the way) that’s what I saw:

and that’s what I saw in the bathroom!

Call her Jesus!

Can it get any better? I don’t think so. A bunch of hot beer drinking guys having fun, listening to Rock’ n Roll with free beer and free meat! Somebody pinch me, ‘cause I think I’m in heaven!
Don’t you get it? I’ll explain: Hot guys + Beer + meat + Rock = Heaven! Easy like that.

Hands down to you, drunk Canadian’s. You have just renewed my faith in human kind!

I’d like to thank God for placing me 2 minutes away from a beer factory. I love you too!
See you guys on Tuesday!