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That’s why we have friends!

Posted in anime, azumanga daioh, Beer bottle player, Cats, Cute, Dogs, manga, Mario Paint Music, mission impossible theme on November 14, 2008 by Skuties

FACT: Mel is missing! I’ve looked everywhere! Even under the bed. Mel come back, I promise I won’t steal your cookies anymore.

Agnes: Heeeey there, Agnes here, the one you see a lot in the blog comments as Bell!
Whenever you see the skutie with the purple ribbon, that’s me! *heart*

Tati: Bell Bell! How cute is this? We have our own oriental skutie!!!

Agnes: Since Mel’s still missing I’m here to talk to Tati!

Tati: Thank God! Talking to myself sounds a bit creepy…

Agnes: So, I’d like to say HI to everybody, and sorry because I’m not as funny as the mistresses of the house. And I’d like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tati, since Wednesday was her birthday YAY, and coincidentally today is mine YAY!

Tati: Agnes, you don’t need to be funny, you are cute! We hide our “uncuteness” by trying to be funny. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY my super kawaii Agnes!!!!!!!

Agnes: I didn’t plan anything to talk about, so I will just begin to write anything that comes to my mind =D

Well, I love animals from the bottom of the heart. When I go to a friend’s house, where they have a dog, or a cat, I will try to stay close to them as much as I can (usually what happens is: the pet will get tired of me, and will go somewhere else =p) I already had a hamster family (a couple, and after some time, they had 6 cubs) but since I’ve lived most of the time in a tiny apartment, I never had the chance to have bigger pets. My dream is to have and take good care of a dog or a cat or, why not, both?

Tati: I just want kitties…Dogs are cool but they are too dumb! (Yeah dog lovers, I said it! Dogs = dumb HUNF)

Agnes: Many people may already know about the dramatic chipmunk, the Hamster in the piano and now we have Maru, the scottish fold! You can always see cute pet images and videos at Cute Overload too!

Tati: Those are so addictive I have to go there every day!

Agnes: Everybody tells me I’m much like Sakaki, character from the hilarious Azumanga Daioh series: a tall japanese girl in the middle of not so tall children, always very shy and loves dogs and cats.

Tati: Sakaki-san is your animated version, including that time that I accidentally made that cat bite you at Mel’s Thanks Giving dinner (Sorry but I still think it’s funny and of course it wasn’t intentional. NHOC). Here is Sakaki being constantly beaten by kitties.

Agnes: Anyway, you should watch Azumanga Daioh, hours of fun for sure! Imagine those funny comic strips, like Snoopy, or Garfield, but with insane school girls, and animate it. That’s the anime for you! The drawing style is very cute, all characters are very well created, and each one is funny in its own way, no way you wouldn’t like it.

Tati: I agree and I am a kitchen! Azumanga is the cutest and funniest anime around. In Gabe’s honour who is now addicted to a Manga by the same author from Azumanga Daioh I leave you guys with this link. This is so cute it hurts. For more info you can always contact us!

Agnes: There are also many fan made games and simulators for the series, from a volleyball and a snowball game, to a simulator that works as a desktop toy: you just sit there and watch a 3D version of Osaka (one of the characters) get her Jedi sword and swing it in the air, or fly with a weird handheld helicopter helices, or even her sleep walking with a knife in hands, all happening in her room. She’s like a cat, very pro-active, you can spend the day watching her, and it won’t get boring =p

Here’s the creator’s link, it’s in Japanese though!!! If anybody wants to see it running, send me a message =)

Tati: That’s for people with no job, if you have a job, don’t click on the link or your working days are counted!

Agnes: Another thing I’d like to share today are the adaptations people are making for songs, in many ways. As an example of what I’m talking about, the traditional and nostalgic Mario Paint music generator, people are mastering this, and I enjoy seeing all videos, like Mission Impossible theme. Another amazing video I saw was Chrono Trigger 600AD on Beer bottles! Imagine how much beer the guy drank to have the entire song.

Tati: That is just insane to me. I envy the patience on those people. They should make an award event for the Mario Paint Music Generator freaks (with all due respect I envy you freaks!). About the beer bottle player, what really amazes me is not the amount of beer, is the fact that he tuned the bottles. Drinking beer is the easy part.

Agnes: Ok! So, I guess I already talked a lot about nothing.
See you around!

Tati: Agnes don’t gooooo, first Mel and now you? Oh God, I can’t take it anymore…