Things I was doing instead of updating the blog

Part two: When it’s Mel’s fault

Mel: My turn for the confessional booth – Things I am doing when I am supposed to be updating the Blog. While there are quite a few on Tati’s list that I feel confident in adding to mine. It was declared “no repeats” – which is only fair.

Elvis: all you have to say is that you spend all your free time being my servant…

01 Starting New Hobbies – The internet is full of crafty fun hobbies that just get my fingers itching to get started. This usually results in another constant not to be put on this list – cleaning, organizing & craft supply disasters.


Elvis: I love the new shelves, I mean, my new playground. That was a good project you did. Nice hobby: build fun things for me!

02 Finding New Recipes to Try – I lose hours at a time wading through glorious pictures of savory and sweet temptations and wondering about possibilities and wanting to get out a whisk and an apron. Pity I don’t spend more time actually MAKING them. Future temptations to be sampled at a future date for oral satisfaction ratings.

Elvis: OH WOW! I love having a master cook at home. They are so useful!

03 Trying to be more Disciplined – I find when I am being paid to do something I am pretty good about getting it done on time. Or at least within expected deadlines. It is never exactly to my degree of perfectionism but it seems to keep me employed.

However, the minute I walk in the door all the things I need to do at home get stirred into a pot with all the things I’d like to do (see 1 and 2 above) and suddenly I find I am procrastinating and doing nothing. Therefore I decide I need more discipline and seek to find ways to teach myself to be more disciplined. None have worked so far.

04 Reading my Collection of Pop-up Books – I love Pop Up books – especially those by Reinhart & Sabuda – however any that is fun, clever or well done is accepted on my shelves.

Elvis: Oh those damn books… Everytime I go sniff them something pops up and scares the hell out of me! One day I will get my revenge. I will kill THEM ALL!

Mel: I love them because they give you that same sense of kid “awe” and “magic” as blowing bubbles. BTW the one featured in the video below is not in my collection yet. My birthday is next week. Hint. Hint. Hint.

Elvis: I will have my revenge! Hint. Hint. Hint.

05 Resolving fights & winning competitions. In an all male (questionable in Sugar’s case) but me household there are lots of competitions, fights & general uproars to be had. Sometimes of course I’m the one creating them.

But that’s beside the point. Using the computer is a constant battle with Elvis, Sinatra & Sugar. Playing Lumines is a battle with Gabriel & control of the TV. Going to bed is a battle between me and Elvis for the blanket. Eating breakfast is a battle between me and Sinatra for the cereal bowl. Cleaning is a struggle between me and Sugar and the pile of papers/books/whatever.

You get the picture. Life is a Battlefield.

Elvis: It wouldn’t be if you started doing things for me all the time!


One Response to “Things I was doing instead of updating the blog”

  1. oh you have to make time to make the cake pops! they are so yummy. i have made them twice now. i did prefer the flavor of them when i made them with cream cheese frosting to when i made them with vanilla frosting. the cream cheese flavor keeps them from being too sweet.
    i’d rather be baking or even just drooling over recipes than working on my own blog, so i can relate to not updating.

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