Things I was doing instead of updating the blog

Part one: When it’s Tati’s fault

Evlis: humf stupid humans, its always your fault

01 – Thinking about hot men

Tati: Oh Yeah-ha

Elvis: *cough* cough* God – make me hack up a hairball why don’t you

Tati: Note: I only like him as Wolverine

Downey Jr gets better as he ages

I wish I could say the same about Christian Slater. That’s why I think about him when he was younger.

Elvis: Nice Tat. Show Love for the Felines. You can have a sardine for that.

Tati: Elvis, that’s an ugly ass tattoo. He gets a sardine anyway though.

Always relevant

This picture is to prove that even wearing gay clothes, Mulder will always be HOT!

Elvis: I particularly liked that episode with the cats that were attacking the stupid humans that refused to respect the shaman woman. That’s based on a true story by the way. Except the Shaman woman was a follower of Basement Cat.

Tati: You mean YOU!

He will be forever HOT! FOREVAH!!!!!

02 – Watching whole TV Show’s seasons at once

The only two TV Shows I was not late, was Lost and Fringe. I managed to watch 5 seasons of House in 3 weeks. That’s because I was simultaneously watching Death Note, I am sure it would have taken me less to watch just 5 Seasons (considering I skipped the whole 4th Season that House was choosing his new team, boy that sucked!)

A While ago I bought the X-Files awesome box. Took me 3 months to watch all the episodes (I was working full time at the time) Every night, for 3 months I had awesome dreams about Mulder! Mmmmm Mulder *drool*

Elvis: Mel & Gabe are watching X-files. It’s great to stick my claws in Mel’s thigh right at the scary moments.

Tati: I did the same with the Family Guy Box. I watched everything at once. I don’t really remember how long it took me, but it was a lot less than the X-files.

I need more Fringe!

03 – Doing absolutely nothing

Elvis: this I can Support.

Tati: Sometimes I spend the whole day looking at the ceiling. It’s awesome. I get up only to go pee. Not even to eat, eating will produce more pee eventually so I don’t taunt my body.

I found this:

“It’s overrated. After you’ve spent a day doing nothing useful and consider your life afterwards, it’s somewhat depressing. A day is 24 hours.. that’s 1440 minutes.. that’s 86400 seconds. I can tell you, I’ve wasted a whole day… it was really miserable when I went to sleep that night.”

I’ll tell you this: It’s not overrated! It’s awesome! Feels great! Feels even better when you feel it’s time to go to sleep and you realize you just need to hold your pillow and you are ready! I proudly spent a lot more than 86400 seconds doing absolutely nothing!

Elvis: I find that sleep is a vital part of survival. For once you show some intelligence.

Tati: Agreed, and I am a kitchen!

04 – Getting drunk

Well that’s pretty much it. I go out, come back drunk, can’t type (aka think). I go watch Sponge Bob.

05 – Not going to the gym

You see, it works like this. I have OCD, so I have to finish what I start, sometimes on a specific order. So I tell myself: I will have dinner, then later go to the gym, come back, take a shower and write the post.

Guess what happens?

I have dinner and faint!

Elvis: It appears Tati is starting to respond to my superior training ability.


One Response to “Things I was doing instead of updating the blog”

  1. Guaranteed Guidelines to amazing posts:

    Step 1: Family Guy
    Step 2: Fringe
    Step 3: Spongebob

    Additional content is also a bonus for those who like to read and get distracted by things 🙂

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