My hero!

He is the king! THE KING!

I don’t even know how to start this one. There are so many things to talk about, this is one of my favorite subjects and if you know me, that means I made you go see him at Manifesto with me!

Guys, I give you:

Sandro Bongiovi

Got it? Bon Jovi! Yeah he has the most notorious Bon Jovi cover band in the world. No matter what you say to me, you won’t convince me otherwise. Not to mention his Poison cover band and OF COURSE his Mötley Crüe Cover Band. And why am I talking about him? Because the world has got to know about him! Enough is enough people!

Last Saturday for the first time in a long time, I missed one of his fantastic shows at Manifesto Bar. (ok I’m lying, I’ve missed a lot of his shows)

But seriously, this guy believes more in Bon Jovi, than Bon Jovi himself. And he is highly entertaining, a lot more than bon jovi. If you live in São Paulo, Brazil, and for some stupid reason you have never been to Manifesto Bar to see Sandro with ANY of his bands, DO IT! It is SUPER fun, cheap beer, sleazy girls and Hard Rock! (Sorry girls, only ugly boys there but hey: cheap beer!)

It’s like that place is locked in the 80’s. Like another dimension. Last time I went there before moving here, me and one of my best friends ended up watching Jimi Jamison, former Survivor, singing Eye Of The Tiger, now top that! They did, they got Jimi Jamison AND Jeff Scott Soto singing Burning Heart in the end (Have I mentioned I love Stallone’s Movies? Did I have too?). That was easily one of the nights that I had the most fun. Of course, being with my friend there and laughing our asses off helped a lot! But I will talk more about Manifesto some other day, today it’s all about my hero: Sandro!

I’ve heard a lot of stuff about him, that he is a jerk, that he is a nice guy, people hate him, people love him. I think people just don’t have a sense of humor. Here we have this guy that being good or not at what he does, loves music, loves Bon Jovi and loves what he does. He is happier than most of us, how many of you can say you love your job? Plus, he gets to travel through the country with a lot of crazy people yelling at him and having fun, fun, fun…

Personally I don’t care Sandro, you can be a jerk or whatever you wanna be, because all you did for me was give me years and years of laughter!

I think you should quit your Bon Jovi cover though, because you as Vince Neil is a lot more convincing and Bon Jovi sucks anyway. (don’t hate me, hate him!)

SOOOOO, fortunately I have a bunch of kick ass friends in Brazil and one of them, Vili, was kind enough to go to “Motley Screw” concert last Saturday (as if I needed to ask HAHA) and make some videos and take some pictures for me so I could share it with the world!

Here you have it kids, Motley Screw!

I’m laughing of you laughing!

Vili, who’s the even smaller guy on the back?

Shake it!

too many options!

I almost forgot Tommy Lee here

Rock Star!

And here some stuff from his Bon Jovi Band:

And the crowd goes craaaaaaazy – AUUUUUUUUUUU

Who will be the first to send me a DVD? For real guys, it’s not like they will deliver it here.

And for those of who think things should be perfect to be good, you are missing out and you deserve a hammer in the head…

just like stupid Kyle!


3 Responses to “My hero!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    note that the sleazy girls are 15 there.

  2. Renatinho-- Says:

    I think you´re the only person in the WORLD who still calls me “Vili”… anyway, the small dude is Rodrigo, from a band called “R4”. He was producing the show (yeah, I know), and was a guest on stage during “SOLA”. You should post more Sixx’s pics… Baboom was like… possessed!

  3. Fred Brunel Says:

    I’ve already heard this story before 🙂

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