The man, the legend, the zombie!

Tati: Yes guys, Rob Zombie! The acclaimed movie director, wait what? Isn’t that funny? I mean, I think he is a genius and I love zombies and horror movies and zombie horror movies music, but I didn’t even get passed his solo career yet and now most people know him as a movie director? That’s crazy. On that note I strongly recommend his version of Halloween. – Sorry John Carpenter, he won this one big time.

So, Movie director. He also writes and he produces and he is awesome! I love you Rob Zombie, you and your whole family (I’ll get there).

Do you remember that movie “Beavis and Butt-head Do America”? I remember when I bought the Soundtrack and the credits for all the drawings inside were Rob Zombie’s and also that part on the movie when they get high on the desert (as you will see on the commentaries, peyote rules and he did NOT animate the sequence – You should see my face right now!). See how great he is? Oh well…

But ok, back to rock ‘n roll. What about White Zombie? UGH I used to love them! I still do.

[For you who can’t remember the last days when music was still good, here is something really cool for you to look into. The early 90’s when “It’s Britney bitch” wasn’t even born yet, when the cool thing was to be weird, crazy and different – I really miss the days we actually wanted to be different from each other, sigh – when music was only good if a band had good musicians in it – or really good lip sinkers like these two crazy cats here, then here you can see them giving back the money their fans had spent on their fake music and here you can see them having to give back their Grammy (priceless). Well at least they apologized and didn’t blame it on the band or did a stupid polka dance… I won’t even waste a link on that]

White Zombie was the first band I saw were people had really colorful and fun tattoos. Well, colorful everything for that matter. I would spent hours looking on everybody’s arms on rock magazines (mmmm colorful arms!); lots of little crazy zombies, clowns, monsters and creepy stuff. That alone was already pretty cool. But then they had a theme! A band with a theme? How cool is that? They had this decadent “horror movies from the 70’s” theme. Tell me, how can you not love a guy that changed his last name to zombie? What about his wife? Sherri Moon Zombie? That’s just too good. All that, plus the music is super cool.

After that he went solo and the music remained the same, with the same theme and the same everything, so I still love it. And then he became a movie director, with the same songs, the same theme and the same everything, what’s not to love?

Now, about his family: I’ve read somewhere that his parents worked many years in carnivals, which would explain a lot. And he has a brother that also has a cool band with a theme. YAY more bands with themes! His brother’s band is called Powerman 5000 and yeah, I love it too. The theme? Science fiction, decadent science fiction movies from the past. I’m talking robots and gore; it just gets better and better. I don’t know much about him, I just really love his band. I do know that they were on the original 90210 and Dona was shaking her ass on their video (Can you imagine my face now?), pure magic! – I tried to find the video but all I could find out was that it is on Season 6, Episode 27.

So there you have it, zombies, robots and colors. Add some toys and I will marry you!

I’ll leave you guys with my two new favorite guys, that’s something I also miss from the early 90’s, sense of humor. I recommend all their videos! When they grow up and become crazy zombie robots I will marry them.

Mel? You are kinda quiet today… Mel? MEEEEL?????


3 Responses to “The man, the legend, the zombie!”

  1. “[For you who can’t remember the last days when music was still good, here is something really cool for you to look into.”

    pq ele rebola igual a mina? isso me desconcertou…

  2. Renatinho-- Says:

    Those lip sinker kids need to get laid… =P

  3. Omg Mel is gone!

    I was wondering when you were going to talk about music ehehe =)
    It was very VERY wtf to read about 90210 LOL
    And you showed me Powerman 5000 but didn’t know it was his brother’s band O_O

    Hugs for you, Tati =)

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